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I’m donating my 5th Birthday Party

Willa Fiero

Willa’s Birthday

Birthday Wishes provides birthday parties to children experiencing homelessness in over 200 shelters in MA, NH, RI and NY.

Help me donate to Birthday Wishes because every child deserves to be celebrated on their birthday.



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Recent Donations

1. Anonymous
Awesome birthday wish!
2. Katie & Scott
Happy birthday Willa! We love you!
3. Florence Sheikh
Wishing you and all the little children of the 🌎 a happy birthday ! Love Gram & Jack
4. Sallie Astheimer
Your a special girl! Enjoy your B- day
5. Jack Fiero
Happy birthday Willa! We’ll have a great party when we CAN get together. Love from Grandma and Grandpa!
6. Lisa Golding
Happy birthday sweet girl! Can’t believe you’re 5! Love, Lisa, Seth, Asher and Aven