Goal: 150k
Sunday, May 20, 2018
Lasell College, Newton
9:00am-Noon • Rain or Shine

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Dana Hall Dragons

The Dana Hall school is fundraising for Birthday Wishes, with the 5th grade class of 2025 leading our team.

Birthday Wishes (birthdaywishes.org) makes a difference in the lives of homeless children and their families by bringing them the joy of a birthday party. They are a common event in the lives of most families, but for children experiencing homelessness, families may be unable to maintain their routines and rituals. Birthday Wishes ensures that children can celebrate their special day despite their current living situation.

Dana Hall is committed to teaching students about the importance of community service as part of an education that prepares them, as our School's mission states, to be “women and citizens of the world.” Community service efforts that the girls initiate and lead are an ideal vehicle for developing empathy, respect and responsibility.

Dana Hall students are smart, energetic, and caring. Please consider joining us for the 5K walk Sunday May 20th, 9 AM - 12 PM, at Lasell College, 1844 Commonwealth Ave. Newton, rain or shine. There will be food and festivities following the walk. If you are unable to attend you may still support our fundraising efforts. Thank you!!

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